Example of where to sign your deed poll with your witness

Example how to sign & witness your H M Deed Poll

Here is a complete guide on all must-know details as regards the Execution and the Use of your Witness to secure your Deed Poll, also known as Change of Name Deed.

Kindly note that “Deed Poll” and “Change of Name Deed” can be used interchangeably herein.


We strongly advise you to peruse and follow these guidelines. This is because any error or mistake in the process of executing your Deed Poll can render your Deed Poll void.

Witness selection

The following attributes must be:

  • Must be 18+ and be an occupant of the U.K.

  • Must have a satisfactory knowledge of your personality

  • Must be free of any blood or conjugal tie with you, i.e., he/she must not be a lover or close relative.

  • Must be mentally stable and sane, i.e., must be capable of making self-decision in his/her right state of mind.

  • Must be physically present to see as you sign the Deed Poll.

However, your witness may be a friend, workmate neighbour and so on.

Your witness must be aware of what the document is all about

Make it clear to your witness that they will be witnessing a Deed Poll. This is necessary so that they will be fully aware that they are not witnessing a shady or illegal document or deed. Nevertheless, it is not mandatory to tell your witness about the full details of the Deed Poll or make them read and understand before appending their signature.

Your Deed Poll must be signed while your witness is physically present

Right in the presence of your witness, you need to append your signature twice on the document. The first signature is for your new name while the second one will be for your old name, each in the spaces provided. Ensure that your new signature is readable and must be the one you wish to use henceforth. However, it is not mandatory to switch signatures. In addition to the physical presence of your witness, who will watch on as you sign.

Your witness must sign the document

It is mandatory for your witness to sign on the Deed Poll too, with the inclusion of his/her name, home address, and profession in the space provided.

All duplicate forms must be executed with the same process

The duplicate form of the Change of Name Deed must be filled and signatures appended, by following the same method as you have done for the original form – both you and your witness.

After all these processes, and barring any error, your Change of Name Deed has become valid and can be used with immediate effect to appraise your records in other Government departments and companies as the case may be. (Please be informed that there is no necessity to return your Deed Poll to us)


The Change of Name Deed – more famously known as the Deed Poll – has two major components to become valid and useful.

  1. The execution of your Change of Name Deed (Deed Poll)

The original understanding of executing a Deed Poll is appending your signature on the document while your witness watches you. Kindly abide by the embodied guidelines that have been outlined on a separate page, and be conscious of what you fill into the document. Again, any error can render your Deed Poll as invalid. Likewise, you have to execute your duplicate copies the exact way you have done for the original one.

  1. Revise all documents that bear your old name

You have to inform every government department and company that has your record to update your details as appropriate. The reason for this is that if there is a misunderstanding about your name in the nearest future; it will be considered as a fraudulent act. To make things easier, we have highlighted a list of bodies (on a separate page) to inform as soon as possible. Such organizations include – but not limited to – HM Passport Office, DVLA, banks, etc. Some among these bodies may demand for the original copy of the Deed Poll, while others will be satisfied by a photocopy or a written letter informing them about the change of name.

In a PDF document format, we have written a tailored cover letter that can be used when informing any of the bodies about the change of name. Should in case you can't find it in your inbox or spam folder, kindly contact us.

It is not expected of you to return your executed Deed Poll to us.

Your Deed Poll becomes legally valid and your personal property once you complete its execution. It can be used with immediate effect to update your records, especially with your new name. Since it is your personal property, there is no reason to send it back to us, unless you require to use our bespoke arching service.

However, care must be taken to execute your Deed Poll carefully and consciously so as to avoid any error as any of such can render your document as void.

We strongly advise you to peruse the listed organizations, agencies, and business industries and figure out which of them you need to inform about your Change of Name Deed (Deed Poll)


Upon successful acquisition of Deed Poll, we recommend that you should inform all concerned bodies that have your records, to update your details as appropriate. While some organizations will settle for a e—copy of your Deed Poll, others will want to see the original copy of your Deed Poll, most especially, government dept. such as the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, and HM Passport Office won't settle for anything less than the original copy. Should in case you attach your address and stamped envelope to it, they will send your Deed Poll back to you.

Below is a list of organizations, agencies, and business industries that are likely to hold your records. For the sake of convenience, we have categorized those that will probably request for the original copy of Deed Poll as Section [i] while those who will possibly settle for a e—copy as Section [ii]

Section [i]

  • Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) – driving license and vehicle registration document.

  • Bank or Building organization or Credit card companies

  • HM Passport Office – for renewing your passport application

  • HM Land Registry – for land ownership or property

  • HM Revenue and Customs – for tax and national insurance details - such as Department for Work, Pensions or Private pension company, Finance companies

  • Insurance company on Medical, life endowments, etc.

Section [ii]

  • Motor, buildings, and contents insurance companies, or professional bodies and clubs, or Solicitor.

  • Organizations and companies in which you have invested.

  • Motoring Organizations.

  • Police or Probation Service – perhaps you currently have a pending criminal record or enlisted as a Sex offender. Likewise, check with your probation officer (if you are on probation).

  • Internet service provider or Telephone company such as Mobile phone and Fixed-line Local authority.

  • Utility companies such as water, gas, electricity or TV licensing.

Common Bank Forms

Below are a few examples (opens in a new page)