Frequently Asked Question's

No, once you have executed (signed, and witnessed) your Deed Poll, you can start using it immediately to get your documents and records changed into your new name. You do not need to return your deed to us as it's issued as certified by you and H•M•D, on the other hand you can make an appointment to execute your deed in front of our solicitor, the charge is currently £120.00, your change of name Deed Poll will be published in the Manchester evening news, and hardcopy of the paper will be sent to your home address (The Manchester Evening News has archives dating back to 1870).
Whether you want to change your name to a former name or a new name entirely, you will be required to provide "documentary evidence" of the change. A Deed Poll provides you with the necessary documentary evidence of your name change. After you have reverted to your birth name by Deed Poll, if you are ever asked to prove your identity you can produce your birth certificate alone. However, if you are asked if you have been known by any other name, you must declare your previous names and produce your Deed Poll document if required.
Legalisation means is that the UK government (FCO) confirms the authenticity of a legal document or a certificate which is issued within the UK. This enables foreign countries or their embassies to accept the documents because their authenticity has been confirmed by the UK government. Legalisation is handled by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. You need to take the Deed Poll and have it witnessed by a Local Solicitor or a notary public nearby to where you live.(£5 -£100 depends on the firm) Write to them: Foreign & Commonwealth Office, King Charles Street, London. SW1A 2AH( They currently charge £30 per document)
We strongly advise that you do not travel overseas with documents in different names e.g. your passport in one name and your travel documents, credit cards and driving licence etc. in a different name. If you cannot get your travel documents changed to your new name, we suggest you change your name after your holiday. If you do go ahead and change your name before you travel, only get those documents and records changed that you will not be taking with you.
No, you will receive a brand new passport and driving licence without any mention or reference to your previous name. Your change of details will be recorded.
Yes, you can change your title to Miss or Ms when you change your name. When you complete our application form, you will see a section where you can tell us what new title you want so we can incorporate a declaration on your Deed Poll that changes your title. Please note, if you change your title, you must ensure that on any application forms, for example for credit, loans, insurance etc, you make it clear your marital status is single.
Yes, you can change your title to Miss, Ms or Mrs when you change your name. When you complete our application form, you will see a section where you can tell us what new title you want so we can incorporate a declaration on your Deed Poll that changes your title. Please note, if you change your title to Miss, Ms, Mrs or now Mx, you must ensure that on any application form for credit, a loan or insurance etc you make it clear your sex at birth was male. This is particularly important for insurances because you may get a cheaper rate if the insurer believes you were born a female. In the event of a claim, you will find you will not get paid out if your sex at birth is established. Furthermore, it is a criminal offense to obtain a financial advantage if you deceive someone.
Yes, you do. Two of the declarations you make on your Deed Poll are that you will entirely abandon the use of your old name and you will only use your new name in future. A list of the most common, that you may need to notify will be included with your Deed Poll.
H-M-Deed Polls are accepted by the UK Border Agency for both Asylum Seekers and Refugees. Please enter your immigration status as your nationality when completing your application form with us.
If you are British and you are also a national of another country (or are entitled to apply for nationality of another country), before you apply for your Deed Poll, you should check with the embassy of your other nationality whether your name change will be recognised by them & If your name change will not be recognised by them and you cannot get your other passport changed to your new name, you need to check if there will be any problems or implications of holding a British passport in your new name and your other passport in your current name.
You don’t need a deed poll if you want to take your husband’s surname after marriage. If you send a copy of your marriage certificate to record holders, with a covering letter, your documents and records will be changed for free to show your new surname.
After getting divorced, you may be able to go back to your maiden name by presenting your marriage certificate and your decree absolute. However, some organisations may not agree to change your name back without a deed poll.
It is unlikely that the original birth certificate will change; the reason for this is that the birth certificate is considered to be a historical record, correct at the time of birth. To change a name legally a parent will have to do this by deed poll.
A parent is able to change a child's name by a 'deed of change of name’ (i.e. deed poll) providing all those with parental responsibility consent to the name change, if you do go ahead and try to change a child's name without the correct permissions the deed poll will be deemed invalid.
Once an application for a deed poll certificate has been completed and you have received the Deed Poll Document, all the official documents and records can be changed to the new name. To change the name on official documents and records, the deed poll document will need to be shown as evidence of the name change.
If a person is asked to provide proof of identity and they have changed their name by deed poll, they will have to show their birth certificate and deed poll document. The new name on the deed poll document overrides the name on the birth certificate.
There is little that a parent or anyone else can do to stop a child changing their name once they have reached the age of 16. At 16 they are considered mature enough to be able to make such a decision without parental involvement. A parent may attempt to make an application to the court; however, the application is highly likely to be rejected as the courts would recognise that the young person is competent to be able to change their name.
Because we don't share your personal details to any review on-line service, we understand your email address in today's age is important and you dont want bombarding with review this review that, most people who change their name only do it personally otherwise they would enrol their deed poll (Public) We are active on social media so if you want to interact we will be happy to answer any of your questions. You can submit a deed poll application directly from our facebook page, simply click on either the adult or child tab once you're on our page - We dont share your info with any social media platforms - also most people give us a review on our Thank-You Page that's personal to us and yourself, many call us text us and write to us
Yes, but it will cost you £19.99 per application, so it's advisable to apply on-line, thus avoiding spelling mistakes and saving money at the same time.
Yes it must be printed off in colour we can also verify your deed poll by Text 07845636663 please text the barcode reference beginning with 3 letters