Child Deed Poll



We then will deliver the following to your chosen delivery address within 1-3 working days:

• Your Child UK Deed Poll Document – Free-post
• Your additional certified copies, should you require any.
• A list of the top five record holders who you will need to inform of your child’s name change.
• Written and visual instructions explaining how to sign your Deed Poll with your witness.

You can easily change your child’s name by H M Deed poll providing those with (PR) Parental Responsibility consent to the name change.

If your child is 16 or over, they must draft their own Deed Poll. If you have sole Parental Responsibility and the father has regular contact with your child you should still obtain the father’s consent to the change of name. If a parent with or without Parental Responsibility refuses to consent to the change of a child’s name, then a Court Order permitting the change should be obtained first.

Our fees start from £24.99 per Deed Poll (First Class postage is included.) Your Deed Poll will be professionally presented, drafted and printed on high-quality paper. Your document will be sent in a plain window envelope for confidentiality. Extra copies are free each if ordered at the same time as the Master—copy. Apply online before 3.00 pm weekdays for same day processing.

Once you have completed the form, you will then receive a free ePDFDeedPoll™ manually drafted, address verified and sent by: for you to view and print – use same day if need be. This is a legal, verifiable document and once printed and executed.

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