Replacement Deed Poll



If you did not submit your Deed Poll with us we will have no history of your name change.
The only thing you can do is apply for a new Deed Poll to replace your original one, but on the other hand if you did change your name with us and have your reference to hand simply email us at the link at the bottom of this page, and then we can email you a free e—Copy of your deed poll, we don’t charge for storage but after seven years it will be obliterated.

The quickest way to do this is by filling in our questionnaire form online, after which you will receive your new Deed Poll (e—Copy Same day) in a matter of days.

When entering your details remember that you are replicating your lost Deed Poll so when asked for your current name you will need to give us your previous name even if you have not used this name for some time.

Your new Deed Poll can be used to notify organisations of your name change and will be accepted by all organisations as proof of it. If you have already notified the relevant authorities of your name change using your original Deed Poll you may simply want to keep the replacement safe for future use.

If you have changed your name several times over the years and now find yourself in a position that a record holder needs you to fill in the missing dates and name changes before they will update your account/ document, etc. we can help you to do this, HMD will draft all the documentary evidence you will need to continue with your record holder.

Example: John JONES to Tom JONES 1998 then Tom JONES to Troy JONES 2004 then Troy JONES to Tony JONES 2012 then Tony JONES to John JONES-DAVIS 2014 (This example you would need to make four submissions, Linking the Dates from 1998 – 2014)